Carpet Cleaning

Do you love clean, fresh-looking carpet? Are you sick of stains and discoloration that look bad on your business?

Stop experiencing that inward groan when you look at your facility’s carpet. Let us at J&M Cleaning Services rejuvenate your carpet so that it looks clean, is clean, and stays clean! Our Cimex-Encap will work wonders on your dirty carpet:

  • Our top-of-the-line machine works quickly, cleaning up to 3,000 square feet per hour.
  • Say “Goodbye” to unsightly stains that seem to magically reappear after the carpet is “cleaned” – our process cleans even heavily-soiled carpets deep down so those stains don’t wick back up to the top.
  • Our process annihilates the dirt by chemically encapsulating and sucking it up, ensuring that it’s gone for good.
  • Our low-moisture, quick-drying technology makes this is the most effective and noninvasive process you’ll find.

How does it work?

The first step to your carpet makeover is a thorough vacuuming job on the surface to remove any excess dry dirt. Then, our Cimex-Encap equipment blasts and scrubs away the grime from your carpet fibers with a counter-rotating three brush system. As the filth is being loosened from your carpet, the Cimex-Encap adds a safe, powerful blend of chemicals to bind to the dirt, preventing the stains from sticking to your carpet. After the solution quickly dries, the loose dirt is vacuumed away from your fresh, clean carpet! It’s time to put your foot down on dirty carpet – let the cleaning professionals handle it from here and contact us today.

Government Contractors

Every “i” dotted. Every “t” crossed. Every box checked, every regulation adhered to, and every technicality taken care of. J&M Cleaning Services understands how you have to operate to win and re-win government contracts. What we want YOU to understand is that we take the task of professionally cleaning your facility just as seriously as a government contract. The shine of the glass, granite, and ground in your building will display the same meticulous dedication as you do in your RFPs. Although you may have to worry about audits, you won’t ever have to worry about auditing US – we are real, down-to-earth people and will treat you as a human being. We listen, learn, and execute the highest standards of professional cleanliness for you so that you can focus on actually doing your job! Hire the cleaning professionals that will make your facility a safe and healthy place to work so that your employees are happier and more productive. Contact us when you are ready to take the hassles of cleaning off of your plate for good!

Office Buildings

Cycling through different janitorial services (or different employees from the same service) shouldn’t be on your “to do” list. Our friendly, professional employees are intimately familiar with the cleanliness needs of businesses just like yours. We provide commercial cleaning services and solutions for businesses in Northwest Arkansas. You won’t have to re-train new employees every few months! Walk into your office building knowing that it will be clean. Your customers and employees will have a sanitary environment to do business. The clean facility will convey a sense of order, professionalism, and security to everyone who visits. You can also trust that we won’t be using harmful chemicals on those surfaces that come into contact with your skin – we are fully transparent about our powerful and safe solutions and equipment. When you’re ready to have a “set it and forget it” approach to your office cleaning, give us a call!

Medical Offices

As a practitioner, you know that you need your clients to trust you so they will put their healthcare in your hands. If they feel like your practices, standards, and equipment are not up to par, they won’t be coming back! J&M Cleaning Services understands the pressure you face as a practitioner to always be putting your best foot forward, and we want to help you do that by ensuring that your facility is clean and germ-free. When a patient visits your office they are obviously concerned about their illness, but you know from experience what else they’re concerned about – exposure to other sick people! For them to see stains, discoloration, dirt, scuff marks, dust… not to mention scum, mold, or disconcerting waste in your facility will deal a heavy blow to your credibility as a healthcare practitioner, and we understand that. We will take our time to thoroughly cleanse your facility of visible contaminants and use our hospital grade disinfectants to eradicate the invisible intruders as well. You, your patients, and your employees will feel happier and more secure knowing that your facilities are maintained by our excellent professional cleaning services.

Fitness Centers

What if you didn’t have to worry about whether or not all the machines and benches got wiped down last Friday? What if you knew that the nasty smells and fluids so often generated in a fitness center were going to be exterminated on a regular basis, keeping your clients healthy and happy? What if the cleanliness of your gym wasn’t occupying the forefront of your mind… or even the back of your mind… what if it was out-of-mind because you weren’t worried about it at all? That’s the reality that we at J&M Cleaning want for you as a gym owner. We come in, clean like you want us to clean, and then head out. After we get started, you’ll learn to expect a cleaner, fresher fitness center than you had before, but after a while you’ll forget about it all together, and that’s just fine. We want you to have the peace of mind to focus on getting more clients and satisfying the ones you have now.

Commercial Buildings

Trying to find a dependable, professional cleaning service does not have to be one of your biggest headaches anymore. Property management has enough stressors as it is – let us take property management cleaning off of your hands. You can trust J&M Cleaning Services to be background-checked, guaranteed, safe, and friendly, and let’s not forget… consistently clean! We understand that a lot of services claim to be “very detailed”, “the best”, or “professional”. But do they remember and execute your specific needs? Do you have to “retrain” your cleaning service every few months as they enter and exit their company’s revolving doors? Do you find yourself having to check their work? Joe and Melanie will ensure these concerns are obsolete. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a visit from your cleaning services company as a positive experience with friendly, familiar faces – not an inconvenient interruption from sloppy part-timers. As one of our loyal customers says, we’ll go “above and beyond” your expectations and put smiles on the faces of everyone involved; from the renters and property managers all the way to the building owners. Pick up the phone and let us start taking care of you today!

Financial Institutions

Stability. Organization. Consistency. These are a few of the concepts that you want to resonate in the minds of your bank or credit union customers. You want them to trust your institution and feel like they are working with a professional company that their money will be safe with. Instability. Disorder. Disrepair. These are a few of the concepts that will resonate with your customers if they walk into a hallway, bathroom, or lobby area that isn’t clean. Finding a professional cleaning service that is consistent and trustworthy and provides the best cleaning results can be tiresome and annoying. The good news is, your cleaning headaches can be relieved with J&M Cleaning Services. The hassle of working sub-par contractors is gone. We’re here to make your life easier, make your customers more appreciative, and make your employees happier (and more productive) with a set-it-and-forget-it cleaning service. Give us a call today!

Day Cares

We know you want your child care center to be cleanYou also need it to be clean! J&M Cleaning Services offer only friendly, professional, background-checked and drug-tested employees that will do a perfectly professional job, every single time. We know a healthy kid is a dirty kid, but we also understand that for a parent to see grime or filth on your toys is 100% unacceptable. We know where the high-traffic, high-bacteria areas are in your facility and have the hospital-grade disinfectants to purge them of harmful pathogens – all while keeping your kids and employees safe. We offer the best cleaning services your budget can afford. You’ll see the same friendly, safe faces and talk to the same understanding ears so that you can be confident that your facility’s needs are being met. Our products, equipment, and processes will leave your building looking and smelling clean – without that funky, “chemically” smell. Your customers and their kids will transact, trust, and play in a secure environment. We are dedicated cleaning professionals that earn the trust of our clients through enthusiasm, honesty and hard work. We look forward to delivering our best work to you!