Post Construction

Post-construction Cleanup Services

A newly constructed site poses unique cleaning challenges. The contractor wants their laborer’s handiwork to be on display, and the business or home owner wants their new site to be clean and inviting. J&M Cleaning Services addresses the needs of both by enacting a 3-phase cleaning program.

All post-construction cleanups offer Green Seal Certified or Environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Phase 1- Rough Clean

This initial phase begins by removing and cleaning all construction debris. This includes dust, caulking, paint overspray, and adhesives. All glass in cleaned, including windows, sliding doors and partitions. Framing and mullions are also cleaned during this phase. The rough clean part of post-construction cleanup enables our staff to clear away the clutter and construction debris before we perform the final deep cleaning that we pride ourselves on.

Phase 2- Final Clean

The final cleaning process repeats the previous process, before an in-depth cleaning of all interior surfaces. Completion of the final clean phase will leave the site move-in ready. Areas of detailed cleaning are listed below.
*Vacuuming- All sheetrock dust is vacuumed with a bagged shop vac from all surfaces, including floors, walls, fixtures, frames and ledges.
*Restrooms- Restrooms will be cleaned, disinfected and mopped. Reflective surfaces such as glass and fixtures are left polished and gleaming. Toilets, sinks, and countertops will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
*Dusting and cleaning- All interior shelves, fixtures, displays, lighting, and furniture will be dusted and polished to shine. Shelves and boxes in storage areas and stockrooms will be dusted and tidied.
*Flooring- All floors will be swept, vacuumed, mopped or shampooed as needed based on material. Your carpets will be free of dust, staining, and any bits of wood or other debris. Tile and vinyl flooring is swept, mopped, and waxed
*VCT- All VCT is stripped, waxed and sealed to ensure a long-lasting beautiful floor.
*Storefront- All mullions are cleaned and polished, both interior and exterior.
*Glass fixtures, Windows, and Sliding doors- All glass is cleaned to a streak-free shine.
*Final Once-over- Before we leave your post-construction site, J&M will perform one more check of all surfaces, nooks and crannies. We’ll even turn off all lights and secure all entrances and exits if necessary.

Phase 3- Touch-Up Cleaning

After we complete the deep clean in the second phase, we will return about a week later to rid your space of any dust that has settled in the interim. We’ll wipe down all surfaces again, vacuum, or clean any glass or shiny metal that has accumulated smudges or fingerprints. We want to ensure your new site to be move-in ready and worry free. All 3 phases combined will prepare your site so that you can begin using it as soon as you are ready. Our professional janitorial staff will keep in contact with you every step of the way, so you’ll be in the know and not left wondering when the site will be ready.

J & M Cleaning does the cleaning, so you don’t have to, and by signing on for regularly scheduled cleanings, we’ll keep your new space looking as beautiful and inviting as it did the first day.

Don’t forget, all new clients who sign on for twice weekly maintenance cleaning schedules from now through September are eligible for 2 free carpet cleanings the first year!