Electrostatic Disinfecting

Comprehensively Clean with Electrostatic Disinfection

We are proud to offer the NWA area the most effective disinfection process available today. Electrostatic disinfection has been proven to reduce the pathogens left on surfaces by at least 50%, and in many cases a much higher percentage of reduction of microbes was found after application.

Disinfection Gets an Upgrade

At J & M Commercial Cleaning Services, we are excited to help you reduce the amount of sick days your employees require by offering the most innovative disinfectant application process on the market. Using PureGreen24 disinfecting cleaning solution and the state-of-the art 360⁰ coverage that is clinically proven to reduce the pathogens that linger on frequently used surfaces drastically and thoroughly.

Using positively charged disinfecting solution, a superfine mist adheres to negatively charged surfaces, which are most surfaces. This touchless cleaning solution not only cuts down microbes, it also slashes cleaning times drastically, as the need for manual wiping is eliminated. No need to worry about missed spots, either, because the electrostatic process ensures that even the hardest to reach places are deeply disinfected.

More Germs Killed in a Fraction of the Time

Keep the cold and flu season at bay and ward off other harmful pathogens that linger on surfaces in your place of business. PureGreen24 disinfectants are non-toxic, EPA approved and lasts a full 24 hours as a protective barrier between illness and your staff. It’s an added layer of safety for your employees and customers that is cost-effective and extremely effective.

The disinfectant we use is both fungicide and virucide, meaning it kills both fungi and viruses that many be lurking unnoticed, and deodorizes the air simultaneously, leaving behind a fresh scent and hospital grade clean.

Beneficial In All Our Service Sites

At J & M, we offer the PureGreen24 Electrostatic Disinfection technology at all of our job service sites; from fitness centers, to medical offices, to daycare centers. Schools who use an electrostatic disinfection system in their regularly scheduled cleanings have reported drastic reductions in the number of sick days taken by both students and teaching staff!

Antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses are on the rise, and flu strains seem to evolve faster than medical science can create vaccines, it’s in your business’s best interest to eliminate them before they have a chance to be picked up and passed on to your employees or customers.

Let Us Show You the Electrostatic Difference

You and your staff don’t have to suffer due to airborne and surface contaminants anymore, because J&M Commercial Cleaning Services has your staff’s health in mind when we say, “We Take Care of You”. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality clean available.

Utilizing the innovation of electrostatic disinfection technology, and the cleaning power of Pure Green 24 products, we will leave your business setting exceptionally clean and disinfected while freshening the air, as well. We promise, you’ll notice the difference in the overall health of your employees faster than you imagine could be possible. Give us a call today, for more information, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn!